Happy March to All

Oh my oh my how did we already get into the middle of March? The word is spring is just a week away but we have several inches of snow on the ground and yes...........more on the way! I have been dreaming of spring though so I hope that my little critters will make you all smile and think of  spring too! Thanks for stopping in and please check out all the other wonderful offerings that my fellow artists have posted. Thanks.

My first post is my little beehive doll head pincushion design. I have two to offer and each is sweet in their own way! Please specify which one you would like! I have created them with over dyed wool which is actually a bit darker than the pictures I tried to take since it’s a bit cloudy out, so they are a bit prettier in person with darker gold overdyed wool bodies. Their heads have hand stitched faces one with a beaded mouth and the other with a hand stitched mouth out of floss. Their hair is some lovely sheeps wool that I have needle felted on. They are about 8” tall and have some walnut shells in the bottom to help weight them a bit and then stuffed with fiberfill. Kindly asking $25 plus travel fare for each. Please specify which one you would like. Thank you so much. Stitched mouth beehive pincushion sold thanks Teresa              Beaded mouth beehive still available!

   Next is a sweet little bird pincushion I created using overdyed wool that is much prettier in person the colors don’t show up well sadly in the cloudy day we are having. The bird is a TFC folkart pattern and I created the little pincushion bottom. The wool is much prettier in person a lovely gold color that I stained a bit! They are both firmly stuffed with polyester fiberfill and everything is handstiched on ( as all my pieces are no glue used!!)  Kindly asking $25 plus travel fare. Sold thanks Ruthie

 My next piece is a fun little bunny I created and made into a pincushion! I’ve used  overdyed wool for the pincushion bottom and his little carrot as well! He will make a sweet addition to your sewing room or spring collection! If any questions please ask.  Kindly asking $25 plus travel fare.

Up next is my little cat in a shoe! This is a TFC Folkart pattern I used for the cat ! He’s quite dapper in his fancy old shoe and little scarf! I’ve been saving the shoe forever to use! I’ve added a bit of weight the bottom to help him stay upright! He’s quite charming and kindly asking $22 for him which will include his travel fare! Thank you. SOLD thanks Susan 

Now here’s my little cat on a pincushion I designed with some TFC Folkart influence! He’s as his little tag says, my “party animal”!! With his little hat and bell, scarf and of course his tag! His pincushion and hat are made from overdyed wool and he has some dyed cheesecloth under him and a little wool scarf! Kindly asking $30 plus shipping for him. 

Now my next little creation is one of my favs!  The mouse is from a TFC Folkart pattern and I designed his little pincushion! He is holding a little strawberry for his snack! The pincushion and strawberry are made from,again, overdyed wool! I hope you can see how cute he is from the pics! I have handstitched everything on and down! If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. Kindly asking $35 plus travel fare. Sold thanks so much Lisa

Last but not least at all is my other favorites! This is my design for the little mouse in the shoe with his own little strawberry! He’s perched in an old vintage shoe with some weight on the bottom to balance him a bit! He’s heavily stained and sanded and I’ve used more overdyed wool for his strawberry. I hope you can see how cute he is and a sweet face he has! He would be a fab addition to a fun collection for spring! Kindly asking $35 plus travel fare. Thanks so much.

Thanks so much for stopping. I hope that you may find something you’d love to have! I will be back next month with more goodies. May spring be just around the corner for us all! These are all one of a kind but I can make others similar if you’d like one and the one you see is sold. Thanks so much.