My September Offerings

              My oh my I'm not sure where the summer went and how it suddenly became September, back to school for the children and fall already! It even feels like fall here with the cooler temps we have been having! Now for me its very pleasant and comfy! Fall is a real favorite season and time of year fro me! I hope you all enjoy it.
I hope that all those that have been affected by the awful hurricanes are safe and your families and friends as well. I will keep you all in my prayers.

       Now my first offering is one of my larger pumpkin head fellas I created using on of my fav Pineberry Lane Patterns! He is 11" tall to the top of his stem and 7" wide. He is stained, painted, and then sanded. He is mounted on what I believe to be an old wooden sock darner or could be something else I'm not sure I just liked it! He's truly one of a kind. I hand sew everything on my creations and only use a dab of glue to hold them on the pedestal while I sew it on as well. If you have any questions please ask. I'm kindly asking $30 for him plus his travel fare.

                  My next 2 offerings are from another real fav Pineberry Lane pattern. I have created a evil looking witch with her fabulous hat and also another witchy like design with the wild look in her eye and her wild hair! Please specify which one you would like! with or without hat!! They have both been heavily stained and painted and sanded. The witch with her hat is 9" tall to the tippy top of her hat while the one with the wild hair is 7" tall. Each one is mounted on an old wooden spool. I sew everything on by hand including their hair which I also needle felt for more hold. I only use a tiny bit of glue on my pieces to attach them to the pedestal as I also sew them down. If any questions please ask. They are each one of a kind. Kindly asking $25 for each plus a meager travel fare. Thanks so much for looking. I know colors vary on each computer so I'd like to let you know they are actually a bit darker in person and wild hair witch's bottom is a stained very dark piece of cheese cloth. If you need more pics please let me know I will take more.The wild hair witch has been sold Thanks Becky so much!! Thanks witch with blue hair has also sold! Thanks Cheryl

           Last but not least is one of my smaller pumpkin head dudes, who is also from another fab Pineberry Lane pattern! He has been stained, painted and sanded as well. He is 10" tall to the top of his stick stem and about 3" wide. Again all hand sewn but I did use a dab of glue for his wood stem and the pedestal. Kindly asking $18 plus his travel fare. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. Thanks so much for looking.

Thank you so much for stopping by. Please come back next month I am already starting my Santa's and of course there will be more pumpkins, witches and who knows what!! If you see one you like just email me. I can recreate these, but they won't be the same, each one is one of a kind. Thanks so much.