So sorry No March Listings

I'm so sorry I won't have any listings this month! My dear hubby had a slight altercation with a big ole tree and yup you guessed it the tree beat him up! Thankfully things could have been much worse but he's slowly healing and improving each day! Sadly though I haven't had any time to be creative! I will be back next month with new creations and I hope to see you then! If there is something you'd like to see please email me or anything you're interested in I'll do my best to help you out!! Thanks so much, see you all next month!! 

Happy Valentine's Day and welcome to my February Post!

                                       MY MY!! How did it already get to be February!!?? I have some fun little items for you today and I hope you will find something to your liking!! I have had to add on a bit extra these days for shipping, so the cost is (sorry) added into the asking price. Thanks so much!

   First up I have 2 fabulous bunnies, using a pattern by my fav designer Pineberry Lane! They are mounted on large old vintage spools and stand 16" tall. They were made using osnaburg fabric, that has been heavily stained, painted and then sanded. I have added a hand stitched wool carrot to each one and a little tag saying"Carrot 5c". Each one is $38 which will include their travel fare to you! (will cost a bit to ship as they are so tall) **Please pick either the one with stitched mouth or beaded mouth!
Bunny with stitched mouth sold thnx Heather!

Next up are a pair of small bunnies and one larger bunny!! All made using a Pineberry Lane pattern. The tall bunny is 9" tall (he has little black knotted eyes) and the 2 smaller bunnies are each 7" tall. They are made from muslin that has been heavily stained and sanded. I have also needle felted, as well as stitched on, little wool tails and a wool heart on their backs. They do not stand alone but make fun bowl fillers or standing up against something. The small bunnies are $14 each that includes their travel fare (**pick them according to their little faces that are each a bit different and they face opposite directions!***) The tall bunny is $19 which includes his travel fare as well!! If you would like the whole set they will be $35 together and will include their travel fare. Please let me know if you have questions.  Small bunny with French knot eyes is sold! Thnx Lauren!
All small bunnies sold! Thnx Heather!!
First up the larger bunny!!
Next are the 2 smaller bunnies!

My next little dollies/ornies are created using osnaburg fabric that has been heavily stained, sanded and painted. They have hand stitched faces, sewn and needle felted locks for hair, lovely vintage lace and a vintage pearl button to set off their bodices. They have a small wool heart stitched on their backs and a hanger to hang them with if you choose or they make wonderful bowl fillers. They each measure 5" wide by 6" tall. Please pick the one you'd like by their hair! Kindly asking $27 which includes their travel fare as well. Grey Haired Ornie sold Thanks Lynette

Last but not least 2 small spoolies made with a Pineberry Lane pattern (one of my favs!!) One is a stand alone little ornie/spoolie and the other a small hanging little angel both on vintage thread spools! Both are made from stained, painted and sanded muslin. They measure 6 1/2" tall. Each has a hand stitched face and wool locks sewn on, as well as needle felted. Each one a bit of fun!
Kindly asking $22 for each which includes their travel fare. Thanks so much.

                                      A group pic of bunnies and their back sides too!!

Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you find something to your liking!! Till next time we meet!! If there is something you like and want I may consider making more but realize no 2 ever look alike!! Thanks so much.