Happy April

I'm sorry I wasn't able to post new goodies last month and sadly I have quite a few in the works but family issues and such got in the way so I only have a few things to offer today!
I am hoping that you will find something you like.
            Wishing you and yours a very lovely Easter holiday.

My first offer is a sweet dollie with hand made slip with lovely lace at the bottom and a vintage little gingham dress. Her hair is real wool sheep locks that I have sewn and as well as needle felted in. I have hand stitched her face. She carries around her neck the key to her little secret box that she has lost and hopes that you will find it. She is 18 inches tall and can sit propped up!! I hope that you will give Lizzie Lou a new and happy home! She was created using a Pineberry Lane pattern. I am asking $53 for her which includes shipping.

My next little creations are my own design! They are beehive pincushions with little heads in the top! They are stitched with over dyed wool and stuffed with crushed walnut shells to give them a nice heavy feel and also help your pins and needles stay sharp! I have hand stitched their faces with each one a bit different!  They stand 8" tall and I have used wool sheep locks for their hair. I have 3 to offer one little black head and one stained head. I am asking $30 and that includes shipping (they are heavy!) Please let me know which one you would like! Thanks so much! (I can take a couple f orders for these.)

Thanks for stopping and please come back next month there will be lots more to see! have a lovely weekend ahead and Happy Easter to you and yours. Many Blessings to each of you.